HD FPV Will Blow Your Mind 🤯

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would of come across the DJI HD system released a couple weeks ago and shortly after they appeared on our website. Its been a crazy week so only now do have I had a moment to write an update for our blog. But

Digital FPV from DJI

Digital FPV is awesome and will quite literally blow your mind, just check at the comparison below. We have been using a set now in the office for a good month and it is awesome.

We also had the opportunity to share the digital FPV experience with some of the local FPV pilots at a recent meetup, you can check their reactions in the video here:

DJI HD FPV Reactions At A UMT Meetup

I also had the chance to write an opinion article over on dronetrest discussing if the DJI Digital system is worth it, or if you should wait for what Fatshark (and the other companies working on it) have to offer. If you are interested check it out:

We got some awesome new frames

The SkyRC B6 Nano series gets an update

SkyRC have released two new chargers, the tiny but mighty B6 Nano lite, which has an insane 220W power rating for the insane parallel charging fans 🔥. Or if you prefer to only balance charge, the B6 Duo features two 100W balance charging circuits to charge two batteries at once, and is only slightly bigger than the B6 Nano Lite.

Xing Nano Motors

Lastly, we have some super cool looking Nano motors from Iflight, they feature the same uni-bell design as the other motors in the Xing series as well as the splatter paint work design. Botom line these are one of the funkiest looking nano motors around.