New Stuff: Two Antennas met on a roof πŸ“‘


Two Antennas met on a roof. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent (sorry πŸ˜†). With that out of the way, this week we have a bunch of new products that have come in, and you have probably guessed that they is mostly themed around antennas.

🀿Periscope Pagoda Long Boi

First up is a Pagoda Periscope antenna, designed by Maarten Baert, named the ‘ long boi’ by Cameron. With a much longer coaxial semi-rigid cable to raise the pagoda above your head for significantly improved video reception, particularly behind you. It has a 90 degree connector, perfect for your FPV headset. Best of all its made using high quality semi rigid coax and a neat plastic enclosure.

πŸš€What about on the quad?

We have the two new premium antenna ranges from Lumenier, and TBS, both claiming to be the best omni antennas currenty availble. Either one performs great. Available with a range of connectors.

πŸ“»For your Radio

For your radio we have two new antennas from Frsky. The Zipp 9, a Moxon antenna for very long range 868Mhz systems. And the Infinity 24 antenna to increase the range of 2.4Ghz systems. Both are directional antennas to improve range in the direction the antennas are facing.

Thanks for reading, and if there is any products you would like us to stock that we don’t already, please do get in touch with us (click the help button on the header to send us a message)