New Stuff: Charge your Toolbox 🧰

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This is the first post in our new semi regular (semi weekly) post that talk about all the new stuff arriving and coming soon to Unmanned Tech. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get a summary of whats new directly to your inbox.

🧰 Parts for your toolbox

The MC06 is an invaluable tool for your bag. Not only is is a quick battery cell tester, but it can also be used to check your receiver being able to check S.Bus, PPM, PWM and DSM Satellites for correct functionality. An Ideal tool for diagnosing receiver issues when building FPV racing drones.

Sometimes you got that special project with special screws you don’t have bits for. The TBS 24bit kit might just be the life safer. Any toolbox should have a set just in case! And finally the TBS solder is some of the best on the market and will make your soldering 100% easier and better looking.

We also now stock CF plates should you want to adventure into cutting your own frames/parts. And for all your connection needs we now stock a very handy box with some of the most commonly used silicone wires in FPV included. 

🔋 Charge it up

This week we have a new micro charger from TBS, and a powerful power supply. If you are sick of unreliable and inaccurate cheap 1S chargers, the TBS micro battery charger will get your cells charged quickly and accurately. The 400W power supply (modified from a server power supply with an XT60 connector) is an incredibly affordable way to get the full function out of the most powerful battery chargers. You could use the two together, but it would be overkill for 1s!

🏁 Source Two Open Source Racing Quadcopter Frame

The SOURCE TWO is a ultralight, single-bottom stretched racing frame, made for speed addicts and grassroots fpv racers. It is designed to maximise speed and minimise drag. It fits and protects all the classic FPV components and is optimised for light weight. The SOURCE TWO is your perfect Sunday race winner, and is recommended for pro racing pilots.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions or feedback please be sure to let us know!

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  1. Sara says:

    Source Two Open Source Racing Quadcopter Frame : would be useful for the text to be a colour eg blue so it shows up on the photo and the white background – white font not working and that’s where the price is shown!

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