SkyEcho 2 Recall Notice (For Units Purchased Before Jan 2019)


A small number of early SkyEcho devices exhibited behaviour, caused by a faulty component, which could affect its ability to be reliably received by other EC receivers.  Whilst we cannot be certain that yours specifically is affected, we do know that yours contains the component in question.  For certainty, and your safety, we would like to replace your SE2 device with a new one.

We have already sent out an email to everyone who purchased an affected skyecho 2 unit from us. But just incase you missed the email here are the details. This is notice is applicable to anyone who purchased a SkyEcho form us before 31 Jan 2019.

The details of the fault and why the need for a replacement unit.

We had some units which would drop GPS and not re-obtain a lock.  It turned out not to be the GPS itself, but the communication between the GPS and the rest of the system.We also had some problems that seemed to be specific to UK regarding frequent disconnections from the SkyDemon EFB that took most of the effort and time to resolve.  It was a Wi-Fi firmware issue.  

Neither of the above issues had anything to do with the transceiver capabilities, and were resolved with firmware updates.

There was an issue with the FPGA transceiver build which sometimes left a single bit out of the transmission.  This manifested itself in only a subset of devices, and the symptom was that it appeared the devices were not transmitting.  They actually were, but were not able to be decoded correctly.  This had to be resolved with a unit-swap because we don’t have a way to update the FPGA in the field.

If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message.

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