QAV250 Mini Quadcopter Kit

If you want to build your own quadcopter, but don’t know where you should start, then the QAV 250 quadcopter kit is just what you need.  It includes all the basic parts such as motors, ESC, frame etc.. for you to build a great mini quadcopter that can later be upgraded with FPV gear to be used as an FPV racing quadcopter.  You will still need some tools and a soldering iron to assemble this, but you dont need to worry about choosing compatible gear, or wonder if the motors will be powerful enough to fly your quad.

Other things you still need to complete this quadcopter is an R/C Transmitter and Receiver, battery and charger, and also some FPV gear.

This quadcopter is powered by a CC3D openpilot flight controller which is very popular for miniquads and is very user friendly when it comes to setup thanks to its PC config wizard which guides you though the setup process.  Overall its a great and affordable way to get into FPV miniquad flying.  Check out the QAV 250 Kit here

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