Walkera Scout X4 – Summer Sale

We have been selling the walkera scout X4 for many months now, the scout X4 has helped many aerial photographers get off the ground, some even using the scout X4 to start their own drone photography business.  However with the new announcements of the DJI Phantom 3, and 3DR Solo quadcopters is the scout X4 still a good option for aerial photography?  One of the first motivating factors is now the recently reduced price which means you can receive the full iLook+ version for less than £880, and that includes everything you need to start aerial filming (except for an SD card)

Why the Scout X4?

At the time of launch, the Scout X4 received some bad press from some customers who where not satisfied with the product and some sadly ended in the scout X4 crashing, most of the issues where caused by users not reading and understanding the manual properly, with all the features of the scout X4 its important to properly understand how it works before you fly.  We have however tried to help customers and answered many emails to make sure everything it setup properly before fight.  But other recent drones have had other toothing problems such as the DJI Inspire 1.

Since then the Walkera scout had had a few minor hardware improvements like a new GPS module, and more refined firmware upgrades which we feel is now at a very stable place.  Many Scout X4 pilots have now flown countless hours without any issues.  The two main factors to choose the scout X4 over other alternatives is the new price, and the autonomous features.

The updated pricing of the Scout X4 means that it is one of the cheapest fully featured drones available, you get a complete ready to fly drone package including carry case, wireless video and HD camera for £879.  When you factor in that you also receive a Bluetooth ground station that lets you set waypoints, or enable the follow me, or circle me modes with your android tablet, you are receiving a bunch of tech features for this price, making it an attractive drone for your aerial photography needs.

For more details visit our product page for the Scout X4

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